Who we are


The Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of Brazil (Câmara de Mediação e Arbitragem do Brasil – CAMEDIARB) was established in February 2016 in the city of Itajaí – Santa Catarina State by a group of experienced arbitrators, including lawyers, jurists, deck officers, engineers, captains, customs brokers, business men and specialists.


The chamber is prepared to solve disputes involving available rights of different areas of expertise, through conciliation, mediation and arbitration, providing solutions tailored to the individual interest and needs of its clients.


CAMEDIARB was created after the restructuring of the Center of Mediation and Arbitration of Itajaí (CEMAI), which has its origins in the Tribunal of Mediation and Arbitration of Itajaí River´s mouth), founded in 2001, a Southern traditional chamber focused in solving disputes using the proper methods mentioned above.


This institutional innovation was created in order to reduce transaction costs and legal uncertainty of the regional and foreign business companies that operate in the international trade and logistics sectors, among others areas of disputes.